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Peer Consultation Group

Dear esteemed

Chances are, you’ve navigated roles in agencies, passionately serving your clients. Yet, in those environments, you might have felt like your true essence and humanity weren’t fully acknowledged or valued. you might have felt unsupported.
MyTribe Peer Consultation group was born from this realization, aiming to create a space where therapists like you can find solace and camaraderie. I look forward to welcoming you!
Warm regards,
Dr. Mahkada

Be A Part Of

a peer consultation group tailored exclusively for licensed mental health clinicians.

Our group values intimacy and restoration, hence limiting membership to a maximum of eight therapists. Each potential member engages in a one-on-one meeting with Dr. Mahkada to ensure alignment with our group’s values.

What The Peer
Consultation Group Offers:

Navigate ethical complexities with the collective wisdom of the group. Discuss ethical dilemmas, explore different viewpoints, and gain clarity on ethical decision-making.

Foster personal and professional growth through feedback, reflection, and the exchange of ideas. Strengthen your clinical skills, enhance self-awareness, and refine your therapeutic approaches.

Nurture relationships with a tight-knit group of peers via formal meetings, optional social events, and one-on-one peer consultations.

Join a diverse group of experienced therapists from various specialties. Benefit from collective knowledge and varied perspectives to enrich your professional practice.

Engage in open discussions, seek guidance, and offer your expertise in a confidential setting. Share challenges, successes, and ethical dilemmas in a non-judgmental space.

Access ongoing professional development opportunities through case discussions, workshops, and presentations. Stay updated on the latest research, interventions, and best practices in psychology. Depending on your license, participation may also quality for CEU credit.

Join MyTribe Peer
Collaborative Today!

Dr. Mahkada offers a complimentary onboarding session to facilitate your seamless integration into our community before your inaugural group meeting. Our virtual gatherings, held twice a month, encompasses a diverse range of activities and discussions, such as:
  • Collaborative case consultations
  • A place to discuss¬†ethical dilemmas
  • Fresh perspectives on long-term cases
  • A place to process the nuances of the work
  • A holding space to discuss current events that affect you and your clients
  • Shared wellness practices like grounding and breathwork
  • A general support space for you! (not just your clients)
Investment: $90 per month
DAY/TIME: fridays AT 11am


If you can benefit from having a tribe of your own, enter your contact information below: